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“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” ― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I made this relief painting to capture my memories of past silent nights. A tree, a star, and Christmas songs are worked into this piece because they were the strongest memories of the beauty of my past Christmases. This piece of Epiphany Art at Christmas is made of cardboard covered with acrylic paint.

Epiphany art at Christmas

I made this relief painting to capture my memories of past silent nights. This required a journey back to my childhood. It required me to remember where it all happened and to imagine how it looked, felt, and influenced me. The tree, the star, and the songs are worked into this piece because they were the strongest memories of the beauty of my past Christmases. I am so glad I took this journey to the past. I have returned with peace, joy, and a sense of gratitude. How lucky I was to experience such joy. How lucky I am to recreate that joy through my “Epiphany Art” at Christmas. It lets me bring that joy into the present moment.

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This is a sculpture created from a small wooden box. It is titled “Outside the Box.” Pieces of curled paper are spilling out of the box. There are words on the curled paper pieces: misfit, outlier, dissenter, and deviant.

Journey Outside the Box

I made a sculpture titled “Outside the Box,” and it started with a small, wooden box. The pieces of curled paper that are spilling out of the box have words on them: misfit, outlier, dissenter, and deviant. They are words that express thoughts I had when I first considered “the outside.” I could have kept the box closed, folded all the simmering thoughts away, and locked the box tight. Instead, I let it open, and I let myself take a turn on my journey. I tried life outside of it.

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Dancing in the Doghouse is a spiritual autobiography. It uses words and images, created by author Alisa E. Clark, to communicate a spiritual life story.

Dancing in the Doghouse

I see hope in my life story. I can see the hope because I have kept an account of it: on papers with a pencil, upon canvases with a paintbrush, using torn papers, pastels, glitter and ink. “Dancing in the Doghouse” is my story of hope shared so others might see the hope, too.

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This is a sculpture that is made from an altered baby board book. It has been painted and collaged to become a 3D representation of the artist’s journey. The book can be spun on its stand.

Painting My Journey in 3D

The flaps and doors that open and close let the viewer move through many moments on my journey: moments that have happened, are happening, and are to come. Doing this three dimensionally creates an awareness of time shifting and changing: a liminal experience.

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This painting of the journey in the new unknown is of of underwater doors, sunflowers, and a water spigot surrounded by bubbles and swirling fish.

Painting the Journey in the New Unknown

This Painting is Titled “Portals to Peaceful, Quiet Spaces,” 2022
My paintings are my portals to peaceful, quiet spaces when I can’t even leave my home. I paint the water spigot and the door from under water in this endemic world. I once again recoil to my studio and manage my anxieties in this new liminal in-between.

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This is a painting of a spiritual vision. A woman is shown seeking Jesus.

Painting the Spiritual Journey

I met Jesus on the beach in a vision. It happened 8 years ago, but it was so intense that it still feels real and alive. I painted this vision because it has changed me. It’s the new place from which I glean my faith.

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This photograph is of an experimental artist holding a blank canvas.

The Time Has Come

I will not make traditional art on this blank canvas. The time has come for me to own my creative process. I will make something abstract and surreal. This journey on my canvas will likely lead to little approval, but at least I am satisfied.

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This is a collage of fish swimming about in an ocean. There are doors and windows leading to a world outside the waters.

Everyone is Swimming

This blog is all about “no promises” and how we find hope despite this reality. Explore how you can center yourself on your journey through the power of creative expression. Creative voice brings the promise of hope despite what lies ahead.

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These are photos of an artist at galley openings where her work is on exhibit. One of the photos is of the artist at the 8th Catholic Biennial. The other photo is of the artist exhibiting at the 2021 International Society of Experimental Artist’s annual juried exhibit.

Little Adventures on My Journey

Alisa E. Clark is excited to be part of the 8th Catholic Biennial at the Verostko Center for the Arts and the 2021 juried art exhibit with the International Society of Experimental Artist’s. Alisa was thrilled to share her work with other artists and have other artists share their work with her. These recent adventures have illuminated Alisa’s path because of the joy she experienced and the joyful people she journeyed with. Within the world of creative people exploring creative expression, Alisa finds meaning, value and power. She’s now excited about her next journey on canvas.

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This is a painting of tomatoes ripening on a windowsill.

Painting the Questions on Our Journey

The inner journey can be explored through creative self-expression. Consider seeking answers as I do: with a paintbrush, a canvas, and a question. The power of art is the questions it can raise for us and others. What is a journey without questions? This blog post is a place to consider your artistic journey and the meaningful ways your art answers questions as you walk through life.

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