Journey and Story Sharing Blog

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” ― Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This is a collage of flowers in pots and colorful windows in the background.

Traveling Together on the Journey

What’s so wrong about going back in time and visiting a place that you’re happy to be in? If my paintings let me do that, I’ve just taken a little journey and I’ll be back to the present soon enough! How does your creative practice help you on your journey? Does it let you go places you couldn’t otherwise go? Consider that in spite of the fact that we don’t even know each other, we will be traveling together on this journey. We do this through the simple act of choosing to go where our canvas takes us. Onward!

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Part of His Universe, 2019

Journey Towards Understanding the Universal Christ

There is no end to what we can share about this Universal Christ. This is just one conversation in just one little corner of the world. This Christ is vast and He/She can be represented in countless ways. How do you see this Christ?

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This is a collage of a banister and a hand reaching for it.

Always In My Story

On every single page of my story you will find God’s hand. He has always been there. You can expect to find Him inside every single one of my paintings. He is always in my story.

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60 Years, Age 49

60 Years: A Reason to Share My Story

The collage elements inside this artwork belong to me. I did not use someone else’s content to share on this canvas. I needed it to be this way. I needed every word and image to speak of my story.

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This is a painting of a vase on a table.

Transformed by My Story

My past, my passions, my spirituality and my present are all rolled into one piece of art. When I share, I pass that baton and my story reaches out to others. If someone is inspired to share too, it’s like ripples from a stone tossed in a pond: out, out, and out yet again.

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Using a Journal for Reflection: Looking Back and Moving Forward

I write to keep things. These blogs provide a way that I can look back and make sense of things. When I am done writing, I have a sense of peace and optimism about moving forward. Today, I ponder my Peacock Collage. Peacock feathers pop up in my work fairly often. They remind me of my mom and my sister from my eyes as a child. This is my way to reflect and then to move forward with new understanding.

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This is a painting of a pink lamp from my childhood home.

Grief and Your Journey

We can’t change the reality that we experience more and more loss as we age. That means we have to create a space to process our grief. There are things we can do to create this space. I paint to help me with this. But, there are many options for processing grief. Today’s blog will help you find one.

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This is a colorful collage with a peacock feather in the center and swirls of yarn.

Finding Peace on Your Journey

With peacock feathers, glitter, yarn, tissue and torn papers, I am a child again: creating using whatever I can find before me. This is a place where I can find peace. For me, I’d go as far as saying it’s prayer.

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This is a painting with a swirl of yarn and collage elements.

Everything Changes: Take Time for Remembering

What do you remember? Share your memories here or find a voice for them elsewhere. Make a collage, create a scrapbook page, write in a journal or blog here with me. Tell us what you remember before everything started to change here at Journey on Canvas Blog. Everything changes: take time for remembering.

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This is a painting of a chair with a pink cushion and swirly arms.

Afraid to Share?

We live in times where we receive a lot of animosity for what we believe. We find ourselves belonging in one group and being rejected by another. Or, we might find people are trying to convert us to their point of view. Every night, before I go to bed, I pray. In the morning, God uses me as best he can. I’m not perfect and I know it. Still, I go out and do my best to share what I believe is true. I do my best to do this without animosity for others. In fact, there is truth in what they share too. Together, we can refine what we believe to find a more polished truth. It’s not just what I share today that makes a difference. It’s what we share together that allows us to go to bed tonight and pray to gain more wisdom. In the morning, we can wake up and try again.

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