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Dancing in the Doghouse

I see hope in my life story. I can see the hope because I have kept an account of it: on papers with a pencil, upon canvases with a paintbrush, using torn papers, pastels, glitter and ink. “Dancing in the Doghouse” is my story of hope shared so others might see the hope, too.

“Today’s Me” is More than I Give Her Credit For

How do you use creativity to better understand your journey? Art has the power to reveal so much about who you are, where you have been, and what might be next for you. What can you create that can open your eyes and let you see a little bit more about God’s plans and purposes for you? How can you use that insight to better tell you spiritual story? This blog just might give you inspiration to explore this question.

Prayer and Our Spiritual Autobiography

I recently went on a retreat. The speaker talked about worship and prayer. She said our prayers had a sound, especially when we joined together: praying and worshipping simultaneously and passionately. I like to imagine that, somehow, our silent prayers make a noise that reaches the Heavens. It is possible that as more voices join […]