Spiritual Autobiography Reflections

Mar 7

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I've done a lot of paintings of myself in my Joseph Coat. Joseph had his dream coat. Maybe that means it told of his own dreams for his story. Maybe my coat does that too? I'm reflecting on my own spiritual autobiography today and how my coat is a part of that. It's a patchwork coat with patterned squares all sewn together. Each square is unique. You'd think that all the patches wouldn't look right together: they are so different. Yet, somehow they all fit together. I think that's definitely a metaphor for my story. Maybe it’s a metaphor for yours too?

My spiritual autobiography is a story with unexpected twists and turns. Some days it seems like my story is shattered into a million pieces that don't fit together at all. Nothing about my journey seems to make any sense. Miraculously, things do find their way of fitting together, and I see how the bits and pieces of my journey do make sense when they come together. That's the miracle of God at work in all our lives and it's the miracle of spiritual memoir.

One of my latest creations is titled Reflections. Reflections are part of my coat. Each square represents an event, a change of heart or a new piece of hope in my life. Each square looks back and tells part of my story, and each square looks forward and speaks of what is to come. Each square connects with those around it and makes my spiritual autobiography a better reflection of my journey.

My Reflections creation is a painting made of different squares: each square is like one of the patches from my Joseph Coat. I make decisions about how to fill each square. I select colors, textures, objects and torn papers to make each patch of my painting tell some truth about my story. I want my painting to come together like my Joseph Coat: with all the parts working together in ways that make sense. I want my painting to help tell my story.

How can you tell your story? How can you reflect on all your pieces and how can you weave them together? How can you make your spiritual autobiography make sense? Consider reflecting on how your story can be told and share what you decide here at the Journey on Canvas blog. Our stories make more sense when we can share them and help each other put together the pieces. Share here. Someone is listening at Journey on Canvas.

Spiritual Autobiography Reflections

Reflections, 2013

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