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Use this page to visit some spiritual autobiography links. You will learn about memoirs writing and the ways a spiritual journal can help you share your story. Spiritual journalers can check out these links and get ideas about spiritual writing and how it can be part of their spiritual autobiography.

We hope you find support, encouragement and inspiration as you explore these links. They have been included to get your creative juices flowing and to give you a starting point for beginning your spiritual autobiography. You’ll also find some “advanced” suggestions for those who are ready to really dig in! More information is just a click away!

Please remember that Journey on Canvas is not affiliated with these links: while we have visited them, and thought some of the content might prove to be helpful for you, Journey on Canvas is not responsible for the content of linked websites. These are just ideas, and opportunities to see what other people are doing, not endorsements. Please take the time to make your own conclusions. We strongly urge you to pray about what you will find as you click on the links below. Ask God to guide you to what He’d like you to use as you journey.

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Life Care Christian Center: Workshops, Retreats, Care Groups and Training for Anyone Who Wants to Better Understand Their Own Story

How to Write a Spiritual Autobiography:

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts:

A Place to Connect Spirituality and Creativity:

A Resource to Help You Understand Your Story:

Free Spiritual Autobiography resource on-line. Just click and read:
Writing the Sacred Journey: the Art and Practice of Spiritual Memoir

Articles to help you make sense of your journey:

A place to consider your roots:

The Belden House, a Residential Home for Brain Injured Adults, Opens Their Gallery:

JourneyThroughGrief.com provides many options for processing grief:

Age 5

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.



Past Work!

Communion Art
Put the Good Stuff Inside.
Age 42

God has given us some good stuff that’s just right for our insides: communion. It’s the power of God put right within us. It propels us forward beyond the place we are in. When we receive we let God know that we need him- that we want Him- living and dwelling in us. Once we’ve given Him permission, He turns a small piece of bread and a little cup of juice into renewal for our minds, for our insides and for our very souls. All we have to do is choose to put the good stuff inside.