Why We Don't Suffer, 2019

I am uncomfortable about what my dad did as a scientist. He was a good man. He was a loving father. He made personal sacrifices to help others. However, he brought living things suffering. What if the price of his research was more than a rat? Maybe there were monkeys suffering in one of his labs, but I just didn’t see them on Take Your Child to Work Day? Does this make a difference? Where do we draw the line? What my dad and other scientists did came with a price, and we didn’t pay it. In fact, we don’t suffer as much because of it. Would I want a person with rheumatoid arthritis to give up their pain relievers so fish, mice, rats and monkeys don’t have to pay the price? I’m not sure what God would want, but I know that I keep taking ibuprofen when I need it. When my child is in pain, I offer it to them. This is why we don’t suffer and I reticently admit that I am grateful. I use my paintbrush to capture it all: both the good and the bad.  I accept the tension and I share it on my canvas.


Buttons and Peacock Feathers, 2016


Spiritual Autobiography Art!

One way to share your spiritual autobiography is through art. Creativity is an excellent venue for sharing your spiritual memoir. Your spiritual story can be told on a piece of paper with words or on a canvas with paints. Consider using writing and art to tell even more about your story. Learn more about spiritual autobiography art by checking out the paintings below, visiting Alisa's blog or reading the captions below Alisa's paintings. Checking out these resources will give you ideas about how you can use art to tell your story.

Here you will find recent spiritual memoir art made by Alisa E. Clark. Visit Alisa's blog to learn more about her spiritual autobiography art at http://www.journeyoncanvas.com/dnn/Resources/Blog.aspx

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323 Buena Vista Road 
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