Keeping a Spiritual Journal 


Learn how to begin your spiritual autobiography, or spiritual memoir, by keeping a spiritual journal, prayer journal or through spiritual journaling.

Spiritual Peace Regardless
Embark on an exciting journey. Start your spiritual autobiography by keeping a spiritual journal. Make your spiritual journal the place where you can keep track of your own spiritual journey. Over time your spiritual memoir will take form and you will find a voice for your story.

You can find a voice for your story! People think that they have to do something, or experience something, remarkable to have a reason to share their story. They have a way of believing that their "ordinary" lives are powerless. The value in reaching out is missed in their poor estimation of what they have to offer. They wait for something "big" to happen to them before they recognize the importance of their journey. They don’t acknowledge the special gift they have to share. It’s the gift of their ordinary lives shared with others: the gift of their very own spiritual journey. Regardless of who you are, where you have been or what has happened in your life, you can find a voice for your story.

If you choose to tell the story of your life, you too will tell it in your own, unique way. Everyone brings their special touch to the expression of their journey, making the experience of telling and receiving stories a flavorful and powerful experience. Parts of my journey happen to have been captured on a canvas. It’s just one of the many expressions of a journey. I will share my journey my way. If you share yours you will do the same. I encourage you to embrace these expressions rather than be discouraged by them. It’s your story. Tell it your way. Let others do the same. Enjoy the ways God has made us all unique.

Sharing My Journey 

Sharing what matters to me:

I remember that I was very sheltered as a child. My childhood home was an old farmhouse surrounded by two acres of remarkable beauty. Our yard was filled with green grass, gigantic pine trees, tons of wildlife and lots of fruit to pick and eat. Our home was centered within ten acres of forest that separated us from the outside world. It was our own little paradise.

I recall saying prayers before dinner. That was the only time my family made any reference to God. Recognizing and enjoying beauty was my family’s religion. My dad was a scientist, so it was natural for him to investigate things. It was also natural for him to share his discoveries with us. He was often the first to notice the crocuses budding in the spring. He’d snip a few and bring them inside. He’d place them in a little glass cup with water and show them off in the middle of the kitchen table. This was just one way he drew our attention to the beauty around us. We were surrounded by incredible beauty, so Dad didn’t need to look far to find something wondrous to share. What he shared with me became a part of my palette.

Birthplace Painting
Age 25


Sharing Your Journey

Prepare to share what matters to you:

Consider the variety of journals that you can choose from. Maybe a sketchbook would suit your personality? Perhaps you'd like to choose a 3 ring binder that you can fill with lined paper, pockets, and blank paper. Check out the journal options in the scrapbooking aisle, the local bookstore and on the shelves at some of the places you regularly shop. Load up on some good office supplies and simple art supplies. Some highlighters, colored pencils, red marking pens, erasable pens and markers can help you along as you journal. Make some selections that get you really excited about the spiritual journey you are about to embark on. Your journey is worth the investment!

What is the Best Book to Read for Starting a Spiritual Journal?  Read Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories

Testimonies: The Power of Inspirational Christian Stories was formerly titled Dancing in the Doghouse. This spiritual autobiography has been renamed and redesigned to better reach its audience.


Latest Work!

Oriental Vase,
Age 47

My mom could always make the craziest colors and patterns work. She had a unique eye. It was lost on many around her, but it was not lost on me. She made a point of passing it on to me and I am grateful. My mom was a fascinating and talented woman with passion. Now, that's me.

Past Work!

Jesus with Me

Jesus and Me
Jesus and Me,
Age 40

Inside my journal I can share my thoughts freely because I decide who can see inside it. I talk to God in my journal and He talks back to me. He gives me pictures, too. They're visions that help me see my relationship with Him in a new way. I made a painting from my latest vision. I see myself with Jesus right behind me. His hands gently squeeze my shoulders and he speaks encouraging words to me. I paint myself and Jesus and I record the words He speaks to me on my canvas. I also record God's words of encouragement inside my journal. He speaks and says, "Joy, Alisa, joy! I've got your back. I've got you covered!" God's words bring me peace, his visions bring me peace and the paintings I make out of it all secure my joy. I let people see inside it all with the hopes that they'll share in my joy.

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